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“At Schurz, we want to attract and retain the best talent, and the best talent needs to know their employer cares enough to invest in their future. Our relationship with NCTI presents our employees with targeted, actionable training, career progression, and certificates and degrees closely aligned with our industry. Partnering with NCTI provides our employees the opportunity to expand their profession through a solid college education and a defined career path. The result is a ripple across Schurz Communications and its properties. From customer satisfaction to confidence in job performance which leads to increased retention, it positively impacts our organization, and our customers benefit from the enhanced level of service. It’s a win-win for everyone.”


Tom Williams, Chief Technology Officer

Schurz Communications


Contact Info:

Jack Latzer

VP, Productivity Solutions

6855 S. Havana Street, Suite 3OO

Centennial, CO 8O112

3O3-2O9-1342 |

Company Description

NCTI delivers quality content and flexible technology solutions created for use on the job with anywhere, anytime access. Hundreds of thousands of technicians, customer service representatives, and cable/broadband industry executives give credit to NCTI for the knowledge and skills needed to build rewarding careers and contribute to their organization’s growth.


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