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"With our staffing levels, we could not dedicate people to this project. AMT was vital to our rebuild. We have found AMT to be extremely professional in the execution of service as well as responsive to any concerns that we had. We have found consistent and regular staff availability making AMT to be considered as part of the team. Luckily we had this in play when lock down hit. We were able to respond to our customers rapidly and increase their bandwidth. We have many more customers at 100 MB now than below.“ 

Jeff Jay, Network Operations

S&T Communications

"AMT has been great to work with. They are patient, professional and always ready to lend a hand or advice when needed, even if it’s not in the SOW. As we continue to implement future DOCSIS and HFC upgrades I plan to keep AMT involved in the design and implementation process as much as possible. I would recommend them to anybody wanting to do the same."

Chris McMullen, Director of Operations

Rainbow Communications

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Pam Princiotta

Marketing Coordinator

Advanced Media Technologies

315O SW 15th St. | Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

954-427-5711 | 


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More about Advanced Media Technologies

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers. As a value-added reseller of high-performance products from numerous well-known manufacturers globally, AMT targets emerging technology applications in broadband with a complete line of RF and fiber distribution, video, data, OTT, IPTV, and HDTV products. In addition, AMT Professional Services provides expert in-house technical support, including: system design, digital headends, CMTS deployment, outside plant: node segmentation and optimization, retro upgrade, splicing, sweep and noise mitigation, inside plant: rack, stack and wire, DOCSIS 3.1 performance assessment. AMT’s complete portfolio of broadband equipment includes products from CommScope, Plume, Harmonic, Vecima, Ruckus, Nokia, Emcore, Drake, Actiontec, Amino, ATX and Blonder Tongue, to name a few, and is complimented by a sales and engineering team with hundreds of years of combined experience within the CATV, IP and Telco industries.