April 13 - Group Purchasing (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET)

Group Purchasing Updates - 1:00 PM ET  

A LOT has happened with our group purchasing team over the past year and we are looking forward to sharing our exciting updates. From new and enhanced supplier relationships, to helping members with network expansion, and the advanced NCTC Marketplace, we'll demonstrate all the ways the NCTC GP team is building efficiencies to save you time and money. We'll wrap up this session with live Q & A.

Supplier Breakouts  - 2:00 PM ET

From our main Zoom meeting attendees will be able to pick a breakout room of their choice and hear the following topics live:  


Adtran - How to Leverage Mosaic One End-to-End Cloud Management and Big Data to Reduce Churn

Operators must arm themselves with a new suite of digital services to deliver enhanced subscriber experiences, achieve game-changing operational results, and tackle the age-old problem of churn. Learn how to leverage Mosaic One end-to-end cloud management tools and big data insights to create winning smart home experiences for your subscribers.

CCI Systems - Reducing Managed Service Complexity With the Cloud

Offering managed services to business customers increases the value of your relationship with them, but often requires a new skillset and infrastructure. Cloud-managed solutions reduce development and delivery times while giving you the tools you need to be successful. From security to high availability there are mature platforms available that can be deployed without changing your network

CommScope - The Wireless Last Mile

The Wireless Last Mile introduces unique application and design requirements. Leveraging Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies requires an understanding of all options available. Choosing the correct path is essential to providing end-users with the right services with high Quality of Service (QoS). CommScope has developed use cases and strategies to assist in this journey. 

Harmonic - Transitioning from Cable to PON Efficiently with a Consolidated Access Platform

Many MSOs are looking to venture into PON in order to remain competitive with Fiber operators. Doing so has them facing network infrastructure challenges due to the incremental networking gear, hub-site spacing and powering, provisioning complexities and distribution network. All of which can be simplified using a converged and consolidated solution that allows existing provisioning and network infrastructure to remain in place. Join us for this session to learn how Harmonic can help ease the transition from Cable to PON is an efficient manner.

Want to hear them all? Register additional attendees! Your entire company can attend for just $150 - see the registration page for additional details.


Closing Comments - 2:45 PM ET

After the breakouts we'll return you to the main zoom meeting room for closing comments for Senior Director of Procurement Solutions, Rob Smith.

April 14 - Broadband (1:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET)

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Doing SMB Right - 1:00 PM ET  

The SMB space is becoming more and more important to members as they expand their customer base within their existing markets and grow into new ones. This session will highlight a few members that have already found success in the SMB space and share insights that may be useful as you look to your future.

IPV4 Management & the IPV6 Transition - 1:40 PM ET

The world is running out of IPV4 addresses, and the operators that are feeling this crunch the most are many of our smaller members. In this session, we will discuss what members are doing now and what they believe they will do in the future to address the shortages of IPV4 addresses. Additionally, we will spend a little time focusing on what is happening in the IPV6 world and how members can stay up-to-date.

Managed Wi-Fi Services - 2:15 PM ET

Wi-Fi has become synonymous with the Internet, and therefore it is crucial to get it right for your customers. In this session, we will discuss changes to the NCTC offering in this space and hear directly from members about how they have implemented their premium Wi-Fi offerings.  

March 2 - Marketing (1:00 PM -3:40 PM ET)
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Reducing Customer Churn - 1:00 PM ET  

PART ONE:  Growth of Connected Devices and Services

In 2020, consumers in the United States and across the globe relied on their home broadband connection to an extent never before seen. This presentation addresses the growth in connected devices and services, including drivers and consumer trends as a result of COVID-19.


PART TWO: How to Take on Subscriber Churn and Win

The pandemic has accelerated what many predicted was coming––we are now in an era where consumers demand hyper-connectivity, hyper-personalization, and evolving broadband services that anticipate smart home needs. 

However, increased usage of home networks brings higher demand and scrutiny of service quality, and with churn still representing a multi-billion dollar industry problem, ISPs must ensure that they build effective strategies to tackle this age-old problem.   

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences - 2:00 PM ET

How are customers finding you and interacting? – Does your website explain what you do? Does it offer self-serve options? How does it compare to your competition? Hear from Leann Dittman from CableOne about their self-service successes and best practices you can apply to your customer journeys.


Using customer data for customized interactions? Hear from Kimberly Biddy of EPB. She will share show EPB uses customer data to build personalized interactions vs. a generic script. She will show how building relationships is key to reducing customer churn and building brand loyalty.

Best Campaign Presentations - 3:00 PM ET

A presentation on the methodology behind successful NCTC member marketing campaigns and member Q/A.


The video sessions we had planned for SmartClicks will now be a part of The Independent Show. Our Video Solutions Team is always available if you have any questions. Contacts: Jon Radloff or Steve Beardslee.  Details about the Independent Show are coming very soon!

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